Versatile financing solutions
for the middle market

Residential development finance is a long established funding market with an ever-growing number of lending options. At Bircroft we have extensive experience in focusing on funders that can deliver on terms and timeframes.

The range of products options that we consider range across the funding spectrum from low cost, low leverage senior debt to stretched senior and mezzanine – with pricing reflecting the risk associated with the specific leverage point.


  • A client must be able to demonstrate a strong track record and relevant experience
  • … to a viable development project in terms of profitability and market dynamics



Total Commitment



1-2 yrs




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West Drayton, London

Industrial to residential conversion

Bircroft were asked to source funding for one of the early industrial to residential PD consents. The lenders and the valuers needing convincing that a tired Industrial unit with very little light could be converted into saleable apartments.

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Re-financing existing debt

Our client (an experienced asset manager) was faced with a difficult situation with their existing funder where falling values (post credit-crunch) alongside the mis-selling of hedging products, had led to a fractured relationship between borrower and lender. The leverage requirement was high for a market with negative sentiment at the time of funding.